Medical Treathment

Oksana, Riga, Lat

Hello, my name is Oksana. I am a 32 year old girl from Riga, Latvia. Righ after i was born the docktors did a terrible mistake with my left leg in the area of my hips. This do so that i have pain when i walk, and i cant walk correct. And because of this mistake my left leg is 2 cm shorter then the right. All my life, the Latvian dockters have told me that this cant be fixed, but 4-5 years ago i was in Germany, and the dockters there say that an operation is possible. But the situation arround healtcare rights in Latvia is very bad, and i will have to pay for this operation in Germany myself. Because of my disabillety to walk i can not get a normal job and life, and therfor i cant pay for this operation. I live with my mother and she also have a problem with hart, so she can not work eighter. Because of this our economical situation is very bad, and i therefor hope that some kind people can help out with money so that i can get my operation. If i can then in future i can walk normal, get a normal job and take care of myself and my mother. Best wishes Oksana