Medical Supplies Needed Very Soon

Razorback, Louisiana

Hi, Im a 39 yr old handicap male in need of an angel fast. I am on a fixed SSI INCOME OF $721 a month, I had an unexpected expense come my way on the beginning of this month I had to pay it off and now I have absolutely no money left in my bank account. I must get my medical supplies in the next 6 days or I will be in trouble healthwise. My handicap is called Spina Bifida, I cannot walk, I'm riding on a broken wheelchair that needs to be replaced. But right now, My worry is the medical supplies I desperately need My insurance doesn't cover this medical expense and I must come up with the money myself, I can't work because of my condition so I am asking for a kind angel or Angels to help me get what I Nned. I will be forever grateful for your help! Thank you and May God richly bless you! :)