D.K., Zimbabwe

Two nights ago I just sat and wept. Feeling a bit brighter today but still suffering from a little depression. My little Niece was so concerned but could not get the information out of me. I am 45, don’t have much to show for my life. My teeth need URGENT fixing, I’m in debt and earn a pittance of a salary to even be able to do it myself. I am staying in a third world country that has deep economic woes. The Government is dare I say it *broke*, holes everywhere in the road, we are plunged into darkness from 5am to 10:30pm every day. (they just don’t have the electricity available) I just need a breakthrough. I can provide Quotations for my teeth, evidence of my debt. I am not some scammer from a third world looking to make a quick buck. Now to top this all my sister wants to stuff me into a pigeon hole she has at the back of her yard. It is filthy and has health high risks. CAN YOU PLEASE CHIP IN JUST A FEW DOLLARS TO HELP ME? I am above aboard honest and you can receive receipts for all you need or give. The email address is not a paypal one.