Medical, I have no one else

Bundy, St Leonar

Hi there My name is Brenna, I am 19 years old and have been on my own since I was 13. I have never really needed money as I quit school at 15 and got a full time job, supported myself and my boyfriend for 2 years, now i just support myself as my boyfriend passed away and I have a horrible relationship with my family. In the past 2 weeks, i have lost thousands of dollars - My bank account was accessed by my parents who stole my entire savings, and I had to pay medical bills for my best friend who i provide care for, she is in severe psychosis. Considering my account is now overdrawn due to the stolen amount I have a declining credit rating, very difficult to get a loan. I have never wanted government help, but when i asked for the first time last week the only payment they said they could provide was accessible AFTER i became homeless and only to provide housing. I work 12 hours a day, and design logos and characters in my spare time - all this is only just covering my rent. I am not asking for much, but if anyone could provide help, or an idea of how i could get help, I would greatly appreciate it. If I dont find $1100 in the next 9 days I will lose my apartment and have literally nowhere to go. I don't know where else to ask. Thank you for listening. Bundy