medical expenses

Help with, Florida

please help!. my name is bridgett, and i'm from florida i am suffering from a chronic stomach condition i have a very large diafragmatic hernia that desperately needs medical attention i am in constant pain (sympthomatic)there is no relief to my pain i've been going through gravely complications with this condition i have no health insurance.,by me going to the emergency room no one seems to be helping me i have my medical records showing my chronic condition and because of me not having health insurance my chronic condition gets ignored also i get mistreated by other medical sources also gets discriminated against from lack of insurance i fear for my life., i am afraid of the worst could happen this condition could kill me, if i don't get the medical attention i need. i am in need of donations to be raised.,so i can be scheduled for surgery & to be admitted into the hospital to have my surgery done. can somebody help me? this is an urgent serious matter, when you don't have health insurance you can't get the medical attention & care you need., is someone out there has a warm heart? that really cares your donations would be so greatly appreciateld.