Medical Equiptment

Petals, Leicester

Hello to everyone that reads this : I am a single mother to 3 boys and I am disabled, I can't work due to my poor health and It's really getting me down because I'm stuck in the house. I can no longer walk far and I am in desperate need of a mobility buggy. My son's are my carers and because I can't walk the 2 miles to the nearest shops they have to get the shopping and walk back with it after school instead of having fun like all of there friends. It breaks my heart that I have to ask them to do things that I should be doing as there mother. If I had a mobility buggy I could go to the shops get the food which also gets me out the house while there at school so they can go out with there friends more. There great kids they never moan about doing things for me but it's not fare they deserve a childhood. I hope people find it in there hearts to help me and my children.. Thanku