medical condition of my son

Jennevey , Boracay m

Deut. 15:7." If there is a poor man among you, one of your brothers, in any of the towns of the land which the LORD your God is giving you, you shall not harden your heart, nor close your hand to your poor brother/sister; but you shall freely open your hand to him, and generously lend him sufficient for his need in whatever he lacks. " To the person who have big heart, Have a wonderful day! Being a mother we wan't our children to have a good health,normal life ,and most of all safe.I'm a mother of 3 ( Atalia-3 yrs old,Marlou Jr"JunJun"-2, and 1 month "baby")i try different kinds of family planning so that i never encountered any problem for they're future specially "EDUCATION". its a God gift so i accepted trully from my heart because they are my life,strength, and inspiration..i believe the destiny and sayings that love is husband comes from the very poor family ,not educated,grown on the farm,no background on other job except on the farm.i like so simple life, stayed beside on the farm and on the quite place..until such day my husband got sick.almost he died because no money for i borrowed money to all my neighbor so that he will survived and thank's God he have a 2nd life.start that day i realized that life must go on.i talked to him that i need to find work so that i can pay all my borrowed money from my nieghbor..i am a room attendant one of the resort here in boracay philippines.i bring my whole family in the rented husband took care of my 3 kids..after a year i fully paid all my borrowed money.before on farm i worked hard,plant rice,tress,vegetables,bananas,and many other farm products but nothing i worked 12 t0 13 hours a day for 315 pesos a day ..daily milk is 221 pesos and the rest is budget for the food,water,electricity,and rent house.same happen on farm..and i dont have much time to my family..i dont know what happen to my children in future.for 5 years working from now theres no improvement .i really wan't to stop and focus to my family back to the farm because i'm so worried to my 2nd child "JunJun" on his situation..he's only 8 months when i'm giving birth to him.,,,,3 days after he got sick because i dont have money for the encubation so i bring him in the house so sad my son is almost 1 month in the holding area/emergency room with oxygen fighting his life to survive.i dont care the rice land and the only 1 carabaw which is the very helpful animal on farm to plant rice i sold it just my son will survive..and thank's God he's good my son is alive but not in a normal condition.i never stop praying that hopefully someday my son have a normal life..but he is 2 years on incoming october my son can't stand on his two legs ,can't crawl,half of his body is you observe on his video.his head is mostly lie on left side and his left hand is always close..he can't even talk mama or papa..while i observed my son its too hurt and too hard for me watching him like heart is full of sadness..i always cry and cry even when i'm typing this messages right now..i never stop crying..i spend 3 days typing this message because i'm so touch , my feeling is almost down but i said to myself i never stop,i did'nt lost my hope that somebody will open they're heart and helping my son on his situation.i never give up ! until such day somebody heard me and my son is my priority as of now only my husband taking care of them.i really wan't to stop working but HOW? i wan't to focus my children's health,i really really love my family,,,i love them so much...i really wan't to come back on farm with a simple life together with my family.but its too hard for me to start again specially to my son condition.where do i get money to buy they're milk?,i'm praying,wishing,and hoping that someday it will be alright "OK" i know God is always there.. and i write all of this because my heart is broken and i want to make it whole again..i'm desperate but i asked myself ,Why i did'nt try to asked somebody ,to those person who have pure heart,willing to help and understand my situation...i hope somebody help my help me God. i'm not good in english and i am not literate on computer but i try my best .God guided me so that i write all of this..thank you very much for reading my letter..GOD BLESS jen p.s. my son is thin now ,,i try many site just somebody listening my heart but nobody help me.i said to myself why life is full of trials? i just pray that all of this is only a measurement from GOD how i serve him.i found one site that help many people for the poor but it needs start $10 starting for the raise of my fund and need bank account number or my situation .too hard to open a bank account. mostly of the poor people here in my country philippines no bank can afford if there is no food or money to open an bank also requires also to send the link to all my friends so that they will also offer an help from them.but they're also poor.poor people are mostly friends also poor..i read so many fund raising request such for dog health for ,for laptop,,and so many not important request but i noticed theres so many give them a donation for that the health of my baby is not important.? how they trust me? how i convience them? only GOD knows? i dont want my son lost to of this time my son is so sickly ...oh GOD i dont know what to do. 2 Attachments Download all my son video o Download MY SON JUNJUN .mp4 Download