Medical bills piling up

Willing t, Poland

Hello, i am 30yrs old woman, from Poland. As a kid i had a surgery on my right leg that went bad. I had to undergo another 15 surgeries to start walking again. I was being treated in Italy as there were no specialists in Poland at that time and my parents spent all their savings for this. Now i am married and last fall i opened my own business which requires regular meetings with clients and a lot of driving. A week before Xmas i fell down on an icy road and twisted my right knee. I was hospitalized for a couple of weeks. Now i'm back home, but after many tests, and analysis it turns out i have to go under a surgery to fix my knee. Otherwise my knee will remain as it is and i won't be able to drive or even walk properly. This will cost about $3.000. All the medical expenses so far were covered from our credit cards. However we have no more credit, no more savings and due to the fact i cannot drive or climb the stairs i cannot run my business that also consumes a lot of money. If any of You, Readers, want to help please do so. I appreciate every offer. Thank you!