Medical bills old & new have me stressed

Broke and, Yakima, w

I'm 34, have had medical problems for a few years, rapidly advancing osteoarthritis being a huge problem, but a sleep disorder(dsps), depression, and possibly fibromyalgia(Dr. suspects it, but wasn't sure last time I saw him). I no longer have health insurance, I am only working part time. Due to pain I can not work more than that. I'm stuck in that I can't work more so I can't afford to go to the Dr for needed treatments or medications that would enable me to work more. It's incredibly frustrating. So here's what I need and what it's for: 1-I need to pay some lab bills before I would be allowed back at my regular doctors office (had these done when I still had insurance, but couldn't afford my part and still keep the heat on). That's $220.00 plus $50.00 to actually see my doctor. 2- An old hospital bill got sent to collection, which then got taken to court and a garnishment was awarded, my checks aren't big enough to make it to the allowable garnishment amount so they went back to court and have frozen my bank account. I had a whole $22.35 in there, so that's all they got out of that, but I can't use that account to pay my household bills because anything I would put in there would be taken for the garnishment leaving me unable to pay rent, electric, etc. I would always pay these over the phone through my account as my pay schedule leaves little to no mailing time. That bill is now at about $1700.00. 3- I still need physical therapy from an injury I'm still dealing with from 6 months ago, that's $150.00 a visit and I'm not sure how many they would require me to go to to learn the various exercises and maintain my progress so that I can get back to walking without the cane and to ease my back pain. So lets just say 2 visits for now, making that $300.00 4- my hospital bill from my injury(the reason I need all the physical therapy)I bruised my femur, tore up my knee (not enough to require surgery, but enough to keep me from walking for a while) and injured my back. It is currently $3300.00 but I'm trying to work with the hospital on bringing that down. 5- I need eye exam and new glasses, last time I was there 6 years ago it was about $500.00 for everything 6- I need to go to the dentist, I had 2 temporary crowns put on 2 years ago, and I need to have the final crowns put on before one of these breaks. thats about $1600.00 In total that's about $7670.00 that I need. That is more than half of my yearly earnings, and it's all for health related stuff! It seems crazy that it takes so much money to maintain a little bit of health. If I could get enough to cover the garnishment amount and the lab bill so I could see my doctor again and get my bank account access back, it would go a long way towards keeping me sane and taking off a little bit of stress. That is $1970.00 If I were to receive more than that it would go to the rest of my health care needs as shown above. Thank you very much for taking time out of your day to read this. Any help is greatly appreciated!