Confused, San Fran

I was a bright student with IQ nearing 150 at nyu school of business years ago when I got hit in the head during robbery. While I've seemed to have recovered from my injures, years following I've suffered from debilitating depression, confusion, psychosis, memory problems and panic attacks. As a result, I've dropped out of school and basically isolated myself at home. Over the years went through countless doctors all whom could not find the problem as my injuries healed and I was expected to live a full life and I lost all my hope up until year ago and was on the verge of suicide. Then I found a doctor that found out my pituitary gland was destroyed during the attack and she could help me with treatment. Problem is she is a private practice that doesn't accept insurance and I need to find $5000 for treatment to get my life back. Going to free clinics around is not an option as instead of attacking the core of the problem they only consider putting you on antidepressents which make me more self destructive. Please help as I am afraid I am going to the road with no return if I can find a way to pay for this, I can assure I'll pay back as soon as I feel alive again.