Mikenmeg, North Car

I'm a broke college student, but I found a love online and the connection is unbelievably strong. We have been talking to each other for 5 months. There hasn't been a day that we haven't talked to each other. I don't think there is a 5 hour period other than sleep that goes by that we don't talk each other. I'm currently in school to be a paramedic and I just want to meet this girl. I can't stand the distance anymore. I'm constantly trying to come up with ways to make this happen. Yet the biggest hurdle is money. I need to meet her I don't want to miss out what looks to be the best thing that has came into my life. Please bring the girl to me. I understand some may think that this is silly, but if you have money that is expendable. You could consider it to be helping a guy to become a paramedic.