Lost jobs no money to pay for rent

Mj, New York

I am an immigrant. I came to USA on 2012 august from Kenya with my mother. We rent apartment in Brooklyn Kings Highway for 1100$ per month. I was working in Century 21 (fulltime) and McDonalds (parttime), but then suddenly i got sick. Doctors told me that I was poisoned. Then I got into the hospital and spent there 2 weeks. I had an operation which was partly paid by my "medicare". But I still have to pay more for the hospital. When I came back to "Century 21" they told me that I am fired and gave me my last paychek. Same story in McDonalds. My mother cant work because she doesnt speak english. We have no relatives and friends here. That is why I'm asking you to spare a dollar. I will find another job, no doubt, but I really need some money for current help. Thank you in advance. And god bless you.