Lost job, homeless, two young daughters, alcohol /drug free

Homelesst, Georgia

I had a good life. I was a 3rd grade teacher. The economy went bad, my position was eliminated. I have two beautiful daughters, ages 6 and 8. We live in a Van on a vacant lot. I went to the library to post this ad. It is so humiliating, stressful, and frustrating. My children walk down the street in order to board the school bus in front of an apartment complex to keep the other kids from picking on them. We have a small plastic Christmas tree on the dash and stockings hung on coat hooks. A local church helped me get two presents each for my children. I hate to beg. I am a hard worker. I went to school. I do not drink, do drugs, or smoke. It hardly seems fair. I have no family who can help. No one is hiring. Because of my kids, I have to be available for them after 3:30 each day. This prevents me form working afternoon or night shifts. When I was teaching, my children could hang out in my classroom until time to go home. Please help us. I never DREAMED that I would be in this situation.