Lost everything and anything

Lost it a, Texas

My wife and I had put everything into a new home here in Texas, it was beautiful and cute. After a long move in day we went to sleep and woke up the next day to inspect the house, awesome just a little paint needed and we finished unpacking... then she got sick. Really sick. We ate, only to find that made it worse and hit the bed (hopefully to sleep it off.) By day three I realized I have not checked the AC unit in the house... well it was spreading (what we know now) to be asbestos over all of our stuff, including our food and our lungs. Everything had to be thrown out, the landlord will not help us out (says oh well not my fault) and we had to move in with our my uncle. Seems nobody wishes to help, we cannot find a lawyer that does not side with the landlord vs the tendent and wearing what we could afford from the local goodwill. Please help anything will do. Thank you, and God Bless