loss of income heart attack have family.

Family at, Fort myer

Back in 08 I took medication that cause me to have a heart attack in 09 with out proper warning of side effects about the medication. Its All been down hill from there. And we have 4 boys. 1 in middle school 3 in elementary. But in life people dont matter. its all about the mighty dollar in life. Kids dont understand that. but my family needs still keep comming. For work I'm a liability and been forced on disability. A crappy $639 month for family of 6.were losing this battle. I like to try go into business myself but that takes money I will never have. Im at the point of thinking about moving on to spare my family of me being a burden. I tryed working just to have my check taking from me and be left with nothing. And moving around dont help. I have good wife and boys. I've always been told that desperate people sometimes do desperate things. But I'm trying this cause I have no family. And both parents on my and my side have passed so were on our own. Email (wickedlizzee@aol.com) thank you for reading