Looking to combine a passion with a career

Matthew, UK

Hey guys, My name is Matthew McCafferty, I'm 21 from England and I am trying to set up a small photography business for myself. The idea is to travel round the world to some of the biggest cities and take some snaps, to try and make some money from. I have a passion for travelling and I have applied for numerous jobs in the industry, but can't seem to get anywhere. So this now is my big idea. As it stands (30/5/2013) I am unemployed, I'm hoping to have a job in the next couple weeks so I can pay for my rent and car etc. My biggest problem Is funding getting to where I want to go to take photos, so the main purpose of this post is just to ask if anybody has a spare dollar or pound or any other currency you may use, if you would be kind enough to donate it too my cause it really would go a long way. I can more than appreciate how sceptical this seems, but its a genuine cause and I'm looking to document my progress and where the money is spent for all to see. Contact details are at the bottom. So, if you can help whether its one dollar or a million (was worth a shot right?) please send any donations via PayPal too matthewmccafferty1991@gmail.com Thank you ever so much for taking the time to read this. You can follow me on Twitter, @MDMcityphoto Instagram, @MDMcityphotography Matthew McCafferty