Looking for help starting a small business.

Hello!! My name is Heather and I am a mother of three. I work full time and enjoy writing in my free time. I love what I do for a living but I don't feel like it's my "calling." I want there to be more to my life then just work. I am determined to find a job I love and see a little more of the world. I have begun the journey of blogging and free lance writing. I would love to eventually be able to write full time. For now I would just like to get my business started and off the ground.  That is what has brought me here today. I am looking for donations to start my business. I am currently saving to buy a laptop, camera, and to pay for the start up of my website. I am also looking into editing software if you have any suggestions. I am very grateful for any and all help I receive in trying to make my dreams come to reality. I am asking for 1,500 for start up costs. My PayPal account is paypal.me/xxlovely