Little help I need

Innocent, Hungary

Hello there, I'm a 26 years old man living in Hungary, one of the worst countries to live in this world. I work as a security guard and make about 2,1$ / hour. That's right, 2,1$ / hour! Ridiculous, isn't it? I've been treated with social anxiety, but I think I still have some mental issues, maybe a personality disorder or something like that. I don't like this job, the work time is very long and you have almost no free time! I've been in college, but I think my mental problems were the reasons why I couldn't finish it. I live with my morther, my grandma and my mother's boyfriend who is a really bad person. I can't move to another apartment with that wage I got! I should look for another job, but I have a feeling that this is the only type of job I'm able to do, because of my mental problems! And getting a job in this place is near impossible, this country sucks man. Oh, and I have about 5400$ in debt, student loan. But I'm not really worry about that, because I have to pay only 27$/month, but still. So, I'm not asking for a fortune, I just need a little help, I would like to move out and get treatment for my mental issues. I feel my current situation is about 20% my fault, the cirumstances did 80% on this! If you have it better, please help me a little bit! Thanks for reading and have a nice day!