Life Lesson

Persisten, Maryland,

Yes, I have a fair amount of unsecured debt but I take 100% responsibility for my situation. It's I who choose to sign up the credit cards and it's I who charged everything from food to skiing trips in Colorado. I have a good job that pays well and where I can add value to what I produce. Is it difficult to down this debt? Yes, it is. I see friends taking great vacations and owning their own homes and a lot more. And I have to rent. But that's my choice due to the situation I'm in. Some may say that isn't fair. I can't because I know I got myself into situation, no one else. My problem, my responsibility. Who is going to get me out of this issue? ME! My advice to all those are thinking about taking on debt. Don't. It's Slavery. Instead save your money. Live below your means. Learn some Financial Knowledge. Learn to do value investing, long term in businesses that you like and trust. Like Warren Buffet. Before you buy any thing on a whim, STOP, and ask do I need this. The answer is usually NO. If you're stressed out because of your bad situation, Exercise and drink water before alcohol. Sell what you don't need and downsize until it hurts. Use your brain both Intellectually and emotionally. I still know that Public Libraries still allow you read books there. If this information is worth a buck, pay me. If not, all I ask is pray for me with the saying, "Peace be with you" and "For the grace of God, there go I." Be grateful for what you have. Be happy that your above ground and not six feet under. Keep these two perspectives when you fail: If you fall on your face, at least your failing forward. And if you fall on your back, you can see up and your can getup. Peace.