Life falling apart

Mynameisj, Brockvill

Hello there, I'm an 18-year-old student who is currently living with his girlfriend and father after a long stretch of terrible living situations and in-and-out homelessness. I no longer have much contact with either of my parents due to their inability to be adults. (Seriously guys, my father is a child.) Since I was 16, I've been working very hard to earn my own money (Yes,employed.) I've been paying for myself. I fed my little brothers and kept my household well kept untill I was forced to leave from my fathers due to his abusive tendencies. Directly after that, I moved into a co-workers and we decided to split the rent and hydro down the middle while I slept on her couch. She ended up not being able to pay her side of things, so I did for her. Less then 2-3 months into that, She revealed to me that she had the money the whole time, and somewhere in that argument, I became homeless. I lived that way for months, couch-surfing, untill my girlfriend and her father took me in graciously. In recent times, for about a year, I have been working incredibly hard to graduate, get my license, go to college, and I've been employed the whole time. About 2 1/2 months ago, I suffered from a concussion. My doctor wouldn't (And still won't for the next few months) let me go back to work, I fell behind in all of my classes. I'm swamped in debt from bills in which I can't make up, and from feeding myself and my girlfriend. In the last 2 weeks, I have worked crazy hard to try to get my classes back up to date (Been mostly successful). But that is about the extend of where things have gone right. If I don't end up raising a good chunk of money, I will not be able to go to college, I'm going to be swamped in more debt, and I'm going to be homeless again because my girlfriends father has decided that he can't offer me a place to stay for too much longer. Please guys, I need help, and doing this goes against most of my morals/values. I thank you all!