Hello, wo, Knoxville

Once upon a time, there lived a group of young adults who came to find one another through catastrophic circumstances and a helping hand from their Creator. They ran from abusive homes and depressing situations and through sheer happenstance yet no coincidence, managed to collide and begin a family of their own. We are the dreamers of the world, wishing only to build a home together. We don't fit into this world, as hard as we try to. We don't understand the idea of being put into a box of confines, growing up to go to school to get a job to die miserable. It's the 'American Dream' that seems like a nightmare. We just need a boost. We're currently trying to buy a house, but every time we get close, it is snatched away from our fingertips, leaving us grasping at shadows. We're barely able to get by day to day, even with three out of six of us currently employed, though two of the jobs are hanging on a thread and the third, mine, is causing more health issues than I've ever dealt with in my life. I'm sick every other day and my health insurance is a glorified savings plan with no money in the pot. We're pitiful, honestly, yet oh, so beautifully brilliant. We have Sam and Josh, our conspiracy theorists who can build anything from furniture to guns from scratch, if given the right items. They're amazing- I never want to see them homeless again. We have Nour- our newest arrival. He manages to be the most moral gentleman while watching the most porn. We call him our Terrorist. He builds his computers. We have Cori, one of my 'sisters.' She's an emotional roller-coaster and an empath at that- it's never boring around her, and her people skills are just as keen as her common sense. She makes me laugh and keeps me sane. I love her. My other sister is Lauren- I love her, too. She's more than fantastic and has been my partner in crime for the past nine years. She writes with me, fiction of all kinds, and we have a shared world between our minds. We're a tad on the fractured mind side, but who isn't a little psychotic when you break them open to their core? I am considered to be the leader, the mom, the dad, the older sister, and the workaholic. I write, I draw, and I love to travel. But above all, I love my family. Above all, I have two passions- God and my family. Above all, my name is Brittany Patrick, and I write this against the very nature of my prideful soul to ask for help of any kind, right down to the old cliche, 'every penny helps.' And above all, thank you, simply for taking the time to read this. I hope you understand. I hope you're a kindred spirit, and if so, good luck getting by in this backwards society that isn't designed for topsy turvy people. We offer our adoration, Family of Misfits