Left otherwise destitute, please help


OK here's the whole scenario, in a nutshell, I've been out of work for a number of years and recently they've stopped all my benefits and left me without a penny to pay my bills, rent to sweet FA else, so I came up with a quick solution, I wrote a hilariously funny joke/puzzle book called How 2 Enjoy Music, by Dan Singh (not my real name) but a humourous book title (ie you enjoy music by Dancing or Dan Singh to it, get it yeah?) OK its jam packed with hilarous jokes, riddles, crosswords, sudukos, brainteasers, searchwords, codewords, hours of fun for all the family, the price of this book we were going to ask 4,000,000,00,000.03 (four million..............................................er....hundred thousand pounds and three pence for the carrier bag, but decided to reduce it to 3 quid or near offer. Currently I sell this book door to door and canvassing shops, offices, factory units, beach huts, etc, but as you can imagine, its flamin hard graft and knackering my feet out. A large portion of the people I call on are too tight fisted to buy one, the few that buy make it worth my while, but boy is it hard work and Im starting to really get fed up with it, so heres the deal, Please help make life a lot easier for me buy donating 3 pounds (GBP) or if thats too much Ill accept 2.50 or finally if thats too much just slip us a round couple to quid by Paypal and then email me your snail mail address to markplln2011@yahoo.co.uk & in return for your donation, I will physically post you a copy of my lovely joke book for you and your family to enjoy, honest to god its hilarious and youll love it. Price includes postage and packing. If you decide to buy, a very warm and sincere thank you for your kindness. If not, no hard feelings and have a nice day anyway