Leave the streets

Leave the, Miami

Well, see?! I am not on the streets now, I found a shelter. ...but is not a shelter, is more than that but what I'm begging for is the scars have left the Street. Is like my soul or spirit still begging in the streets of Miami and asking some nonsense cents to nonsense spending like food or drink that I learned to do that for necesity. I am there scare of disaster and all I want to do is a start with my life. The scars left there affected my brain and even though I saw psychologist and other specialists they don't know how to heal this. Is personal and I am shrinked into injustice. All I want is money to begin living my life the correct way. Part of my life is blocked and I can't really make a start here just like nothing happened. Maybe you like to know about me and feel the only solution is not give me money? but give me an opportunity with money. I liked to be successful businessman or music star but all I got was more than that without money. The girl I loved only told me what I was doing was WRONG, but not at something was doing but at something done like getting her away from me or disaster. Sometimes man has to let go, but unconsciously I didn't, she did. Well, now I'm more of a man and my past is followed me. I can't start my own life because is pending, maybe she comes back maybe I learn the reason why throw away a miracle love but the thing is that money doesn't make happiness but love and comprehension. Money is a hard thing to comphrehend specially to Young people. I saw this injustice and I am there, standing and begging :) but my soul is, not me because also one has to cry to get something in real life. While my soul is there begging in the streets, I wish to get some money you can fairly give to me! I mean I don't expect you make me a millionaire here in internet but at least some start. Hope my sould won't reach internet because I know the difference between having the opportunity and unappreciating the opportunity of shelter and good things one can open up to. All of you are begging for cents when love is free so I know you have something to give like 1 or 5 dollars once in a while for a great cause. I don't wish to be a millionaire but to have lots of love and this is more than that. So thank you and please understand part of my life is there even my consciousness knows now I can make a difference with your help. Help I didn't get then but now I get. send me money to skrill.com robertobetohumerez@outlook.es at skrill love you all