Last resort for money for a home

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Hi I lost my job a while ago and fell behind on rent and bills, i couldn't get any financial help and still struggle to get money to get by. Now i am being evicted and literally have no where to go. My husband is international and we are still waiting for application to begin on his residency as he we got put on spouse visa for him first. We have that cost to find as well as a new home. I am finally and luckily starting a new job next month but we do not have money for deposit as we can only private rent due to government not giving people on visa council homes even though i am uk citizen. We struggle as we have low incomes and costs are so much. And when i lost my job to ill health it just got bad. We need help to get a deposit, we can get by from there. If anyone can reach out to keep a loving couple together who only have each other and give us a decent chance of life, we would be saved.