Kidney transplant help

Danny, UK

Hello I am 35 years old and this is my situation. In 2008 I started a new job as a plumbing and heating engineer working in my local Zoo, It was a good job I enjoyed it very much. In the October of 2008 I began to experience very bad leg cramps that would wake me from my sleep and I was unable to stop them for several hours, I put in down to the amount of walking I walked everyday during my days work . As the weeks went on I began to dislike the taste of food then sweets(cakes, chocolate etc.) all I was able to stomach was milk and bread. In December 2008 on the 18th I began to feel very sick my cramps were bad I had terrible itching, all food was horrible to me I carried on working as this week was my shift to cover the Christmas period, on the 23rd of December I began to throw up after every time I urinated. apart from the Cramps, itching, dislike of food and throwing up I felt ok just weak. On the 25th I was unable to eat anything and was told I look dead, I should go to hospital to which I said I will be fine, on the 26th I had no choice I had to go to hospital. I arrived to hospital and told them how I felt and that I had lost 10Kgs in a week, within 20 mins I was on a drip, blood taken and taken to a ward. The next day the doctor came and told me I have kidney failure, for the next 2 years I was on dialysis to which my body did not take very well I would become unconscious almost every session of 3 times a week. I spend several stays in hospital with blood infections and a low blood count(haemoglobin). After two years I was able to have a transplant from my brother. I began to recover after 3 months I asked the doctors if I would be able to find a job and work again to which he replied yes. I began to apply for all jobs I could find I had several interviews that went great until they asked two questions, first what is that on my arm which is a fistula for dialysis, second why have I not worked for over two years and when I explained about dialysis, but I have had a transplant and am fit for work that was the last I heard from them. After 6 months of trying I decide to take and AAT accountancy course for a year, which I passed. I then started to apply for plumbing jobs and accountancy jobs with the same luck no job. Its been 3 and a half years since my transplant and my savings are gone I had to leave my house and am still unable to get employed because of my illness. I have came here as I have no where else to turn, I am looking at my future as this no one will employ me and my only choice is to start my own business. I am looking for funds to buy a van, tools, materials and to advertise my company for a period of 3 months for plumbing and bathroom installations. If you think you are able to help me get my life back on track I would be very grateful. I am able to provide my medical records if any potential donators require Many thanks for any help you can offer