Keeping my head above water.

LostandAl, Melbourne

I dont want this to sound long winded, so I will try and keep this as short and as sweet as possible. I am a 27yo female from melbourne, victoria and I have recently separated from my husband of almost 8yrs. When we parted, we did a 50/50 split.. He kept all the assetts and I got all of the bills.. I've moved in with a friend 400km's from where I used to live and as a result had to leave my job. I hoped to find work soon after arriving, it has been almost a month now and nothing.. not even a phone call. Everyday I hunt for work for hours and then come back to sleep on a friends couch (which I think soon may be considered over staying my welcome) I would like to contribute something to the household and this is officially my last resort, i have exhausted all other avenues.. I'm in the red each week, anything you could possibly spare me would be much appreciated. Wishing everyone the best in love and luck, Natalie.