Just need things to be easier

Kelly, England

Hi everyone My eyes are already welling up as I type this.This is in no way easier for me as I am a proud woman.I have never had to ask for money at all..I wouldn't even dream of asking my parents! (Not that they have any money anyway) I thought I would try here as I am starting to get desperate..even comtemplating being an escort amongst other things to make money..Even starting gambling online for the first time. I am a single mum who is 34 from England I have one beautiful daughter is 5 years old.I have recently moved to a new area to try and make a better life for my daughter and myself.I started part time employment last week which barely seems worth it as it just about covers my petrol money.(I need a car where I live) I didn't work for 5 years as I was busy bringing up my daughter who sustained a brain injury at birth and is disabled though during this time had studied at college. I have worked hard since I was 16 before my daughter was born holding 2 jobs at the same time.I come from a very poor background and so appreciate the value of money and knew how to use it.Up until now I have been good with what little money I have. I have recently split from a relationship where I was emotionally abused and have now got myself into £6000 debt.I am now struggling to pay my rent and it's starting to worry me.I am a strong person and know deep down me and my daughter will be ok as long as I can just pay the rent each month.The government have stopped my daughters disability allowance as of the recent clampdown on benefit cheats but sadly the genuine get affected because of this.They have also stopped my carers allowance. Though I am having to sacirfice things we really do need,like clothes and shoes for my daughter..Half decent food to eat..I would just need a some financial support to make it easier otherwise I will have to enquire about going into a womans shelter and start all over again I want to avoid that as me and my daughter deserve better than that. Thank you for your time in reading my story,Any donations would be greatly appreciated. Kelly