Just a bit of help. Cant cope anymore

M William, United Ki

Hello Everybody, cant believe its come to this. I am a 26 year old father of 2 wonderful girls, they are my world. I am a single father and do what i can to give them everything they need. I work full time and have a mortgage. Becaus eI work full time i do not get any benefits which I am proud of as everything i have I have worked for. but latly things are really getting on top of me, when I get paid I make sure I pay mortgage and buy supplies for my girls. I have started to get into a bit of debt with not beeing able to afford thing. I get paid and I am over drawn, I have nursery fees to pay which I dont get no help with because I am in full time employment. They are building up, my water bill is building up, I dont have money for fuel in my car. and I am missing payments on some things to pay off other bills. My main problem is the nursey bill at the minute. I cannot sleep, cant really afford to eat, I am just physically drained. I would most probally be better off not working but then I would not get my mortgage paid. and I dont want to live off the goverment. I have never claimed a benefit in my life. Just hoping there a re some realy nice people out there who may be able to help me out and bit. I dont like my girls seeing me suffering and depressed. I am 100% if you want to know anything else please feel free to get in touch. Even if knowbody can help me thanks for reading i feel a ittle better that I have things off my chest! Take Care