Jobless husband and Dad of 4 in college now but struggling.

Gdb1973, Iowa

Hello,my name is Gary and I am 38,married with 4 awesome kids and I thought I would give this a try. I was laid off from my job as a satellite technician. Work is very scarce in Iowa where I live.The job I had once loved to do has become a moneypit. As a sub-contractor i had to pay for eveything except the dish and the recievers. Gas took half my pay alone.So my wife and I looked at all options and decided I would better myself and our family by going back to college. I am a full-time student studying to get my bachelors in IT/Systems Administration. I have 3 girls 10,5,3 and a boy 5. I have exhausted all my savings and dont know what I am going to do.I have looked for work everywhere locally with no success. My wife stays with our youngest because daycare is too expensive.She make a little money by sitting for other children. I feel so embarrassed because I try to hide this from my kids on the position we are in at this time.I take all odd and end jobs I can find but its just not enough I believe that going back to school is the right thing to do but its a very hard struggle.I hate asking but if someone, anyone could help out in any way it would be so appreciated.Even if someone would know about a job online that is legit, that would be great too. I know when I look back later down the road my family will be proud and stronger for this. Any donations would be through paypal of course.Thanks so much for reading and god bless.