Job training

Need help, Hilliard

Times are tough for a lot of Americans right now and there are needy families and people without homes out there that need help. I can fortunately say that I have eaten today, I have a roof over my head and I am healthy. I'm not like a lot of people on this site asking for help and by all means, there are many who will deserve it more. I'm here to asking for donations so I can be retrained for a better job. As a younger man I went to College and accumulated a lot of student loans. I studied art at the time and was naive enough to think I could make it with just that. Since 2008 I've had to get by on working minimum wage jobs (usually two at a time) that refuse to hire full time. I would like to go back to school , but this time to learn a decent trade. With your help and kindness I can start my journey in the transportation industry and become a professional truck driver. With your help I can learn a marketable trade and finally earn a decent living to pay back the debt I owe for my college education. I deeply appreciate any help you can give and thank you from the bottom of my heart.