Job Redundancy, Lack of Money, Threat of Losing House

I need to, England

Hello there, Thank you for reading the story of my plight! I have worked hard for all of my life but unjustly lost my job. I am in danger of losing my house and I have 3 children. You must understand that to even consider to beg for money online, how desperate my situation has turned. I have always given to charity and to the poor and now it seems that I am in this position, I am finding that there is no help for me. I now have a job but it pays very badly and I am falling behind with ALL of my bills. I currently have zero in my bank account and hungry children that need to be fed. What I can promise is that when I am in a better position financially, I will give back any money that I have received to people who need it. We are good, upstanding members of our community and are in the leadership of our local church. Many Thanks for your time.