On top of, Canada

I've been trying to get control of my dental problems for almost 5 years now. I've given them over $4000 so far to basically maintain my horrible teeth enough to get by. I really really really need to have some of them taken out and replaced. I have been to 3 dentists who all say I will be spending about $8000 to get my mouth back to a healthy state. I don't have this kind of money at all and what's worse, he said if I don't take it seriously fast, infection can spread to my heart and cause a stroke among other problems. All my friends are helping me out with whatever they can and my family. I'm up to about $600 in donations from people I know directly. Not even close!! I don't know how doctors and dentists can sit there and tell me I'm risking my life by not getting this work done, but do NOTHING about it to help me out. I'm already battling the disability folks for my money they are apparently making me wait 4 months for. Sorry for babbling but I'm scared. Please help! I have already started researching into starting some sort of charity that will prevent anyone in my city from ever having to go through what I am going through. If dental health is the most important, why is it the most expensive and hardest to get?