in need of support

Please he, England

dear sir/maddam first i would like to say a warm welcome and introduce myself my name is thomas im 17 from england. first of all i dont like asking for money because i feel kind of silly but its now my only option i will explain. well first of all i live with nan and grandad because my moms a drug addict and i have never met my dad and my nan and grandad are only on a pension which means they are on a very low income. my nans 82 and my grandads 80 and i dont see my mom very often because it truly breaks my heart seeing her in that way the only people that visit me are my uncle paul who is also on drugs and my sister kate who is 19 and going to university in september i actually cant believe how bright and intellegent she is its amazing. and the reason i would absoloutley cherish a donation is so i could buy my mom some flowers and chocolates cause i would love to make her happy and also so i could take my nan and grandad out with 1 of my aunties and go for a meal and do something happy for a change because my nan is also in bad health she never goes and i know we arent going to have her for long which is sad but i know ive got to come to terms with this and also i would like to buy my sister a little something to say keep up the good work because she has not turned to drugs and she is doing well in education but it would be such a good feeling and it would make me happy to make them happy. if you think you could help me it would so apreciated it would make such a difference in my life. my paypal email adress is and my debit card account number is 55674868 and my sort code is 77-17-11 a dontation would be so amazing i fully understand if you cant help with a donation but thank you for taking your time to read this i truly apreciate it thank you and godbless you.