In need of rent money/truck payments etc.

It’s re, New Mexic

Hi my name is Jonathan and I have built a very good business for myself and things have been good up until now. In the past year I have gone from financially secure to putting myself in the negative, pawning items and working for cheap just to get jobs to pay bills, some even going unpaid. Currently I’m trying to get help in keeping my business afloat, I am a software/web developer and have over 8 years in running my business as a contractor for hire. Currently I have two websites that I have been trying to get going but at a slow rate due to not having time to work on them because time is needed to work on contracts to make money. These two websites are not get rich quick schemes or quickly put together with no thought sites. I have put a lot of effort towards them and now almost done. The problem is that I have no time to finish them because I’m in a real bad financial situation because my contracts have been smaller and I’ve been having to work more frequently for jobs under $250 that take over a week sometimes more. Currently I just tried to time paying rent with the deposit of a job that I finished but now in limbo till the client can pay me. I wasn’t even able to pay last month’s rent fully so the landlord was kind enough to put the remaining balance to this month’s rent that I still haven’t even paid, which by the way is real nice considering I just moved in last month. Which brings me to another point, I have moved into a cheaper/smaller house, closed accounts at gyms, consolidated any bills I don’t need and re-established the way I live to make due with what money I have with my truck at risk of being repossessed. What I’m asking for is donations to help me pay my bills and rent for two months so that I can finish my websites and start getting some residual income from them. I feel I deserve a chance at this as I have been working real hard and generally put others first when they need help. I think it’s my turn to get the help I need to be successful In the future that I’ve been working hard towards for years. To donate you can deposit into my Bank of America account #439003880380 at a bank of America branch. Or to my PayPal using To prove my situation so this does not come off as a scam I am providing account login information to my bank and truck to show the position I’m in. I truly appreciate you taking the time to read this.