In need of Money for Rent and Food

A Son and, Phoenix A

I am a single father of my seventeen year old boy who sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury several years back. We have lost everything but our willingness to survive! It has been the worst thing in our lives and the best thing. I have become closer to him than any other individual. Our bond is inseparable. Now that things are where I can go back to work full time, I am slowly gaining momentum making $2500 per month. Until I reach $3500 per month I fall short every month by that Thousand dollars +/- creating a struggle between paying for food, utilities and Rent. Today, I will be without rent money next week of $970 for our apartment. I have paid utilities and have some food. There is optimism on the future as next month around the 15th I have additional work to allow for less struggles paying insurance and medicine and the other expenses the upcoming month. Right now it just seems impossible to get even. Every month I battle juggling for medical services, medication and general living expenses all to get by. Help from others is much need as I never asked for much and always helped in the past. Please help if you can as we will be indebted for your assistance in these trying times! Thank you for reading. Matt