In need of getting a business off the ground

Needing H, Beckley,

Dear audience, I am here stating that I have just started a business, and I plan to do something with my life. I am eighteen years old. I plan to take all the money donated to me and use it to promote my business and succeed. If it were to my ability I would start an organization for people in need just like me. If you want to see more people employed then you should donate. I don't plan to use this donation to build just my business, but a stronger community. I know that I can't change the whole employment factor, but I can dedicate and make some change. If you think of it in my perspective you will understand. This is how I see it one vote is not a lot, but what if everyone said that. Who would get voted in? I am sure you get my point. While it may seem like I can't do much, yet I can. Just like one vote can make a difference. Overall I have a great heart within me, with intentions that are much more diverse than an atom of an atom. The day I become successful people will know. Because they will not only hear about how much money I am making, but how much more money I am donating. I am not selfish I want to be the person who gives, but until my goals are reach I can't do so. So with all that has been said you can get an understanding of my perspectives, and views. I have a great heart within. Do you want to contribute to not one person, but many peoples success? Please donate. My success is going to soon one day be the success of others. I will promote jobs, and more than likely donate more than one forth of my own profits to an organization, or even start my own organization to help promote businesses in need (small/large). So please if you have a heart and want to see not one, but many people success please donate. I know I can't save the world, but I can make a difference just like you. Please donate.