In need of additional funds to shoot a commercial

Ms_Entrep, Hollywood

Hello, I am an ambitious driven, and hardworking, young Entrepreneur. I work 6 days a week for a non profit organization geared toward working with homeless young adults between the ages of 18-24 years old. Even though it is a labor of love, it isnt necessarily on the high end of the pay scale. I have managed my money wisely and saved away for a few years now. I decided to go into the Hair Industry and began wholesaling Human Hair Extensions. I became so successful that I established my business as an LLC and trademarked my brand name. I built a website for the brand as well. After this, I decided to launch a website that I want to become a social network for hair professionals. I have the layout, features, and trademark/servicemark paid off for that as well. Now I would like to move my brand to the next level and shoot a commercial! I spoke with my Marketing and Branding Agent and I was able to recieve a quote on an amazing package. For $10,000 I can have the commercial shot, as well as a photo shoot. This would include the models, makeup, wardrobe,lighting/camera crew, studio rental & etc. It is one thing to recieve a "hand-out" but it is another to recieve a "Hand-Up". I work very hard and am doing the footwork to build my business. Any little bit helps. I believe in my vision so deeply that I am willing to do anything to bring it to life, including this ad. ^_^