In Need of a Car

Ineedacar, Detroit

So this is my first time psting on thi site. I've neer done anything like this so Im just going to start out by being honest. Im a college student who just got her first job this year. I have a tone of students loans and I have one that I have to start paying back. Once I got a job my parents stoped halping me. I also have to help out with some of my little sisters financial needs. I have to catch multiple buses to and from work, school, and home. It would be so much easier for me to get around from place to place if I had a car. I am on the verge of loosing my job because on the days that I have no ride and the buses arent running I am unable to get to work. Plus I coud work more days and better pay for my tuition and also look out for my little sister. I am using paypal and I would greatly appreciate any donations. Thank you in advance to anyone who makes a donation!!! It is truely apprecitated!!!