In Financial Trouble

Josh, Forest Gr

Hello, I'm a 23yr old Male and live in Oregon. I got myself in to some legal trouble and have a short time to pay $3000 in court fines. Without having a job and such a short time to pay off this amount, I don't think it's gonna be possible to do this on my own and my family is unable to help me. I also am having trouble with food and clothing. I do recieve SNAP benefits but it's not enough to make it through the month with the high prices of groceries here in my area, and I don't  have a vehicle right now and could use some help with bus passes so I can make it further than I can with current transportation as I live in an inconvenient area and only 2 busses come in the morning and some places I need to go are farther than it's possible to walk. My clothing is pretty old and don't have  formal attire for job interviews or what some jobs require you to wear, such as slacks, dress shoes and button up shirts. I also would really benefit from some help purchasing a Laptop so I can save resumes and have more time to Job search instead of only an hour and a half at the public library and would really help me when it  comes to online college courses so I can earn a degree and start a career in Web Design/Graphic Arts. Any help would be much appreciated and would help lift a huge burden off my shoulders that I've been struggling with for the past few months, that would make living a whole lot easier.