In desperate need of help. Please open your hearts.

Mr & Mrs, Long isla

DEAR READER, Would you find it in your heart to help out a newly married couple who is in a financial dilemma...We just got married a year ago. Shortly after we spent our last dollars left over from the wedding moving into an apartment which we thought was good at the time. not even a month into getting situated things fell apart. You could hear kids running adults stomping back and forth through the floors. We have lost so much sleep over this. After continuously going up to there door asking them for some consideration it fell on deaf ears. My wife and I started wearing ear plugs(which the stomping could still be heard through).. Which caused her to have and ear infection and a sizable doctors bill to hit us at the wrong time. .Things still continued to fall apart with the apartment such as being in the basement its infested with crickets and mold. We had a flood... Tons of water which ruined our wood furniture and clothes. We are just asking if you could open up your heart and donate a couple dollars to help two innocent people move into a new apartment and finally have a piece of mind to start build there lives together.