In desperate need of a new furnace

Desperate, NY

My husband and I work for a non-profit company serving individuals with disabilities. While the work is steady (which is huge in this day and age) the pay is very minimal (unfortunately a common theme I'm finding) and we have not received any raises/cost of living increases in the last three years despite the large increases of actual living expenses. We live paycheck to paycheck (barely) and have no reserve for emergencies/extras. With the start of the cold/heating season we discovered that we have a large unrepairable crack in our furnace. We have gotten estimates and the cheapest with installation (as well as changing old piping) is $4000.00 of which we don't have. Since we make so little we are not qualified for any loans and we are running out of time. Please help us replace our dangerous (and soon to be non-working) furnace so we don't freeze this winter!! Thank you in advance for your generosity!