In Debt and Struggling

Dklizzie, Wisconsin

Hello, I'm 54 years old and lost my husband to cancer several years ago. Due to hospital bills, after his passing there wasn't much insurance money left. After a couple of years (with two teenage sons) I had to either sell the house or lose it to foreclosure, I sold it but didn't gain anything with the sale. Since that time I've continued struggling. There has been no great event that has put me in financial hardship, it's been a like a snowball rolling downhill and piling up at the bottom. I do work, and actually have a pretty good job, however due to old issues I can never get above water. I owe the IRS (I did not contribute enough because I needed all I could get) - I owe student loans and have really bad credit due to being unable to pay other loans because of robbing Peter to pay Paul. I try to pay as much as possible and then don't have any food money. I know there are people out there that have had catostrophic happenings in their lives that would make my problems seem small but they don't seem small to me. All I want is to be debt free and be able to put a little away for when I can't work anymore, if anyone could help, even a little I greatly appreciate it and if I am ever in a position will 'pay it forward' to someone else.