In big trouble

In big tr, VA

I'm normally to proud, but I'm asking for help. I have got myself in some trouble which i will admit is my fault but I would say most of you would do the same. So here's the story, My father passed away a while back, I was appointed Executor of the Estate, well I got layed off and didn't have enough to pay my bills, Rather than starve my family out, I used money out of the Estate. I've been trying to put it back for months, but I can seem to work enough hours to save that much. I've tried the bank but I can't get the money. I know if I don't get all the $5000 back in before I have to finalize the estate, I'll probably goto prison. I've never been in any trouble before but it looks like I'm really in it now. I'm sure there are other people worse off than me, If so help them instead of me. I could use some help if you think I deserve it but I'm prepared to suffer the consequences of my actions.