I\'m trying to rent out space for a studio so that I can have somewhere to work on and sell my pieces. I grew up in a very small home but I still found a way to start painting large portraits and illustrations. Now there are canvases everywhere in my room and around the house. My mother has had contractors in the house for the past year redoing bathrooms and finishing the basement (which is where a lot of my unfinished pieces are stored). Not only do I want to be out of the way of our messy contractor, but I\'m really ready to be on my own.

Hi my nam, Ohio

I'm currently working 2 jobs at 2 different fast food restaurants but even doing over time I can't save enough for a place. I currently pay my own and insurance and car note which takes up a lot of the income. It would be awesome to have an actual studio to work in. Im not asking for much. Any amount will help. Thank you and happy Spring!