I\'m shamelessly devoted to finishing my book, and will even resort TO BEGGING!!!

The Word , Camp Verd

I will beg, or at least will humbly grovel, in front of the online world, in a desperate attempt to finish a book I'm writing. It's a pretty catchy novel about a duo of pickpockets living the high life in first-class hotels, jet-setting around unconscionably stealing people's hard-earned dough. It's hard not to love the main character ( a slightly OCD pickpocket, drawn into the career by his well-meaning uncle, who passes away years later, leaving him to fend for himself... -he does great!). He's generous and classy, and loves to party like we do, only on a budget limited only to his ability to remain two cities ahead of the law. I can be done in 3-4 months, longer if I have to find other ways to supplement my income. (Not picking pockets... where I live, I could be done in five minutes!) Personally, I'm more honest than the vast majority of people I've met in a lifetime... I hate liars and thieves, but one evening I was drinking Bourbon and Busch beer, and just started writing this thing... it started out so well, and was so fertile, I just chained myself to the keyboard, only stopping to take an "Inspiration Break" or a shower. I eat snacks at my computer. Sure times are tough all over, and my pain is stronger than some, weaker than others, BUT! -I am doing something for the long haul... it won't happen overnight, but like the main character in the book, I plan on being very generous when my ship comes in. Aside from a few expenditures (Twelve-string electric acoustic guitar, digital piano, and an upgrade from my '03 Astro Van to something closer to the 2010 range), I plan on spending my future wealth distributing whiskey, beer, and the occasional pack of cigarettes to those in need, particularly writers who are having "writer's block" issues. I don't have that problem... often. -For me, they're more like patches of pavement showing through the ice; every now and then, the tires grab a little, but the inertia keeps me in motion. If, through the generosity of total strangers, this all works out, I will come back here in my new found recreational time, scrutinizing beggars and tossing a few bucks here and there. The hard luck B.S. stories probably won't rip my heart strings out so much as the tales of someone legitimately doing their best to crawl out of whatever hole it is they have found themselves in. Most people say "Wish me luck!" I do not... I always close with "Wish me inspiration!" In my mind, I'm already writing story boards for the sequel... So please give... give until it is excruciatingly painful, back it off a few notches, until it is merely annoying, and then sit back and wait for those warm, fuzzy feelings to come rushing in... I'll refrain from holding up a hand-scrawled piece of cardboard that reads: "GOD BLESS", but I will wish YOU inspiration in whatever it is that keeps you happy, and in and/or out of trouble... Salud!