im ready to give up!

Lostfaith, Norfolk

Hi Reader. This has really hurt some pride posting on here. But I am in need of some financial help. I had to leave my last job in housing management due to equallity and diversity reasons. I was been mocked and broken by management because I'm not a very verbal person in the work place and also homophobic remarks towards me. In the end I had to file a grievence which ended up with me been pressured into leaving. I am now job seeking at possibly the worste time of year. My job search is going terrible. I now have plantar fasciitis due to over walking/stress on my feet. Which is 8 weeks rest... Which has cut of my job seekers allowance. Now I'm on Sickness benefit which is not even covering a quarter of my bills. Since I have left my job a few bills have built up. Internet, rental service for my TV as well as TV license payments . Fridge and washing machine and cooker. I'm getting letters now demanding monies and it's all going to be taken away. If I can't pay any. I'm begging to raise around the £450 Mark just to keep these companys happy and get back up to date. I'd be more than happy to pay this back ASAP when a job finally arises. Please someone help. I can't handle this pressure anymore. I'm worried I'm going to be homeless. I cry day in day out. I'm loosing weight and becoming more hermit. I'm applying for jobs left right and center. Desperation is kicking in and I'm close to just giving up. I can't take this pressure anymore. I have not got any support from anyone. I feel completely alone in all this and fearing so much. Please please someone help. May the angels bless you with a heart xo My home will be broken if I can not pay these bills. :( please help me.