I\'m in need of special bicycle, but can\'t afford it.

Need A Bi, NYS

I want to get into better shape, and healthy. The best form of exercise that I can do well, and stick with is bicycling. But do to my various medical problems (Epilepsy & IBS, etc) I can't ride a traditional upright bicycle anymore. It is uncomfortable do to my IBS, while unsafe because of my Epilepsy. The type of bicycle I need is a "recumbent trike". I prefer to get the tadpole design with the two wheels in front, and one in the rear. These trikes are low to the ground which makes it safer for me to ride. I don't have to worry about falling over because it has three wheels. The riding position also helps to prevent any IBS issues from occurring. These recumbent trikes range from $600 to $5000. I also need to have the bike shipped which would add at least $50-100 to the cost. The recumbent trike I need would have to be able to accommodate a passenger 6'2" 300lbs. Those bikes cost around $2000 to $3000. I'd like some help getting $3000. That would cover the cost of the recumbent trike itself. I would get some help with the rest locally. Unfortunately due to medical costs, outstanding debts, etc. I'm unable to purchase this recumbent trike myself. The sooner I can get one of these bicycles, the sooner I can get out to exercise more. That would help me to reduce future medical costs. I am asking for your help to make my life more healthier and more enjoyable. I'd love to get out and ride with you other cyclist out there doing marathons. But I can't without the proper bicycle. I hear about others "ride for the cure", but can't now. I don't have anything I can safely ride.