I'm Handycaped and My Son Abandoned Me With Bills.

New Jerse

I'm very sick. I have COPD, emphysema, degenerative joint disease, asma, diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid nodules. I had brain tumor removed. I use 2 litters of oxygen and other medications and need help getting around. I have a wheel chair I use. But to get to the point. I get $758.00 from social security. I have $1000.00/mo for rent, $200/mo electric bill, $45.00/mo gas bill, $600.00/mo food other expenses. My son left without letting me know that he was leaving. He used to pay for the other bills. Now I'm in debt about $6000. I receive a message over the phone from my son that said,  "It sux to be you". I think he did that. Because he is tired of being around a helpless woman. I May become homeless soon. Please Help!! Anything you give will help me greatly!