If you don\'t ask you don\'t get ;)

Beth, London, U

Hello! I am writing to ask for donations towards getting me housed. I was renting the same place for over three years when at the beginning of December I was told it had been sold and that I had to be out by the 21st, having just got into a new position at work, for which I had to take a pay cut (but will eventually lead to amazing things) I am stuck for a deposit to get me into a new place. I was renting from a 'friend' (who kicks you out at Christmas) and didn't put a deposit down and it was also fully furnished so I am well ad truly stick right now. I have £500 to my name and ideally need £1500 for a deposit. I would like to be in a new place before the 6th Jan as that is when I am back to work, I am currently staying 2 hours from my work place at a friends house whilst I try to sort something out. No, I am not the most needy person out there, I an healthy and I am happy and I couldn't be more grateful for that, but I would not be lying when I say I am homeless. Anything you give will be received with immense thanks and gratitude and I endeavour to keep giving back to those less fortunate than myself. Thank you so much for giving to me.