Identify Theft Debt

Identify , Canada

My marriage of 12 years came to a sudden stop and it left me heartbroken and homeless.  My sister asked me to come live with her family until I could save some money to get a place to live.  Her home was not very big but she had a acerage with a barn so most of my belongings were stored in it.  Things were ok for awhile but I work long hours and was finding it difficult to live in her home as she would be up late with friends partying while I needed to rest for a long day at two jobs. Eventually I saved up enough to scrape together a deposit on a small mobile home.  It was tax time and with the long hours she said she would help me do my taxes and she did, I don't get a refund as I don't really have any deductions so pretty easy return and I appreciated the help. We moved the rest of my belongings into the barn as she was renovating the room I was staying in and I only had a few days before I took possession.  The day before I moved into my home I got a call from my sister telling me that the barn had burned to the ground but she would put in an insurance claim for what I had lost.  I just had to keep pushing on and remind myself that it was only things. I had a little bit of money left to replace some clothes and furniture so she took me shopping and then told me that her family needed a new sofa set and since she helped me I should help them.  It didn't leave much left for my stuff but she did put a roof over my head so I agreed and got them the set. When I moved into my home things were ok for a few months.  I asked her when I might be getting the insurance money as I really needed to get some clothes for work and furniture as I only had a bed and a futon.  She said they denied the claim so there was no money coming. A fee months passed and I started getting some mail from five different collection companies for credit cards that I never had.  I contacted them all and said there was a mistake but they had all of my personal information and we're not willing to listen to me and said that they were going to start collection proceedings for the $25,000.  I was baffled and really didn't know which way to turn. I then received notice from Revenue Canada that they wanted additional documentation to verify my tax deductions to support the 15,000 return.  I was confused as I did not get a return and when I contacted them to discuss further they verified that they had sent the return to me at my sisters address.  I called her to ask her what was going on and she told me no idea not my problem. After some investigation I found out that she had received the insurance claim for my belongings and I now know that she stole my identity and racked up the credit card debt and the bogus tax return.  She put me in debt for $40,000 and destroyed what possessions I had left and cashed in on that too.  To get out of my mess I would have to have her charged and this would be criminal offences.  My parents begged me to not do it and think about her three kids.  I was terribly hurt that my family was supporting her after she took advantage of me and put me in such a terrible financial position.  I have not spoken with my family since and am now alone. I got a high interest loan to settle the credit cards and Revenue Canada have been garnishing my wages for the past two years.  I have been working three jobs to barley keep my head above water for awhile now and I'm now getting pressure from Revenue Canada for full payment of the balance that never seems to go down given the interest and compound interest. My car is on it's last legs and with the high interest loan I had to take out to settle the credit cards that has also barely budged from the original amount I can't afford to replace it and it's my lifeline to get to my jobs - without it I risk losing it all. I am reaching out to the general public for assistance for any financial help you can offer.  I have exhausted all avenues and am wanting a sign that there is some decency left out there.  I have almost lost all faith that good things can happen for good people who have had bad things happen.  If you can help you will be making a huge difference in an otherwise quiet but difficult life.  If you can help please send what you can to paypal account